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The Lady's Spaceship 4.6

The Lady's Spaceship

Chapter 11

55,559 Jan 28,20 Yungyung

The first lieutenant of the Space Alliance Defence Force, Suna Kim, travels dimensionally to a fantasy world called Rofan! An extreme survival story plays out after she dies and reincarnates as the daughter of Duke Langtry, who was cursed and killed. The frugal lady travels in search of her spaceship, which crash landed in the unfamiliar and barren fantasy world. A
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Scarf Man 3.8

Scarf Man

Chapter 0: Capítulo 0- ¿quién Es El Hombre Bufanda?

5,780 Jan 28,20 DH ANIMATIONS

Dennis McMuffin, aka “Scarf Man” was just a 15 year old wannabe Super Hero, but he became one FOR REAL when he permanently bonded with a magical symbiotic Scarf. Now he’s booling off the fridge and fighting crime. He is SCARF MAN.
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Poor Father and Daughter 4.6

Poor Father And Daughter

Chapter 3: So Poor That I Can Only Use My Daughter To Pay Off The Debt!!

46,228 Jan 29,20 Kula

It's about a poor family of two: father and rebellious daughter. In order to make money the single father does a lot of odd jobs and at the school the daughter is incompatible with her classmates.
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World End Solte 4.3

World End Solte

Chapter 1: Magic Pollution

7,353 Jan 28,20 Mizukami Satoshi

As a result of a large war, the world was eroded by a magical infection that distorted the time and space around it.  Though magic has been outlawed since then, the effects of that war still remain.  To uncover all the secrets of the world, "Lucky Solte," begins her adventure.
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Usagi no Mori 4

Usagi No Mori

Vol.2 Chapter 6

37,034 Jan 28,20 Enjo

Shunta and Tamaki are childhood friends with a year of difference, but Shunta feels something different towards his friend, an impure, not correct, dirty feeling. As this feeling grows stronger, will the relationship between the two friends also change ...?
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The Two of Them Are Pretty Much Like This 4.1

The Two Of Them Are Pretty Much Like This

Chapter 4

12,033 Jan 28,20 Ikeda Takashi

Scriptwriter Sakuma Elly and rookie voice actress Inuzuka Wako. The two of them are pretty much like this.
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Ienai Itami o Daiteiru 3.4

Ienai Itami O Daiteiru

Vol.1 Chapter 2

8,364 Jan 28,20 Kyuushiki (Ogawa Chise), Ogawa Chise

Shun and his older brother have a little strange relationship... There is also Koganei from Kusatta Rasen, and the Makino brothers appear in Ayaui Kyouen; both short stories are collected in Rakuda Tsukai to Ouji no Yoru.
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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo - Case Series 3.7

Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo - Case Series

Vol.3 Chapter 4: The Curse Of The White Haired Demon

6,422 Jan 27,20 Amagi Seimaru, Kanari Youzaburou

Sequel Series to Kindachi Shounen no Jikenbo - File Series. Serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine from 1998 to 2000. Consists of 7 cases divided into 10 volumes. Case 1: Murder in the Forest of the Demon Dog. Case 2: Demon Killer from Projection Screen. Case 3: Amakusa Treasure Legend Murder Case. Case 4: Yukikage Village Murder Case.
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The Golden Haired Elementalist 4.7

The Golden Haired Elementalist

Chapter 5

83,949 Jan 28,20 글비&,amp,도막

I thought I was dead, but when I woke up, I was reincarnated as a nobleman's daughter?! The only thing I did in the seventeen years of my first life was studying. Now that I'm alive again, I won't live just to study! The second life of an ordinary middle school girl with a slightly strange personality, Jean, begins an unstoppable journey on this continent! Official French
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Love Alarm 4.4

Love Alarm

Vol.1 Chapter 1

8,408 Jan 28,20 Chon Kye Young

In a world in which an app alerts people if someone in the vicinity likes them, Kim Jojo experiences young love while coping with personal adversities.
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Shizuku-chan's a Real Angel! 4.7

Shizuku-Chan's A Real Angel!

Chapter 3

36,035 Jan 28,20 Yuki Arare

Features Yuki Arare's original character Suzunari Shizuku.
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The Hormonal Trap 3.9

The Hormonal Trap

Chapter 1

11,049 Jan 27,20 Wb

Professional veterinarian Ling An’an – also a professional single lady for many years going – is tasked with the everyday job of breeding animals. In a pet store overflowing with an extremely “hormonal atmosphere”, what happens when a disgruntled and sexually repressed company president appears?
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 The Trap of Hormones 4.4

The Trap Of Hormones

Chapter 20

55,403 Jan 27,20 Jmcomic - Wb

Being a singleton, the occupation of professional vet, Anna Ling, is to mate animals. In a pet shop filled with hormones, a celibate and sorehead store manager was assigned! Meanwhile, being troubled by both family pressure and mysophobia, how will he fight back?
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Kirameki no Lion Boy 3.9

Kirameki No Lion Boy

Vol.1 Chapter 3

20,160 Jan 26,20 Maki Youko

Takanose Miwa is a high school freshman who's obsessed with manga and fictional characters. Having already given up on a "Prince Charming" in real life, she begins to learn about love and friendship when she accidentally bumps into a classmate that looks exactly like her favourite manga character.
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The Restricted Zone 3.8

The Restricted Zone

Chapter 1 + 2

20,294 Jan 27,20 YOUZT

The tragedy of a city was wrapped in a layer of the secrets. When he returned to the old city, he was caught up in sudden changes. And the boy he once loved became familiar but was a stranger at the same time. Behind the mysteries and the temptations, what is the truth...
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Askr Yggdrasil's Wood 4.4

Askr Yggdrasil's Wood

Chapter 7: Chapter 07

148,937 Jan 28,20 dna_s

Exiled to a desolate and harsh planet, Ayr spends his days hunting giant monsters as his food source. Then, everything changes when a police officer comes and tells him his exile was revoked. After arriving in Askr he learns that a lot of time has passed while he was gone. 100 years. Everything seems to be different now, but one question remains: For what reason was
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Picking Up A Shool Beauty To Be Wife 4.2

Picking Up A Shool Beauty To Be Wife

Chapter 1

26,876 Jan 26,20 Iciyuan动漫&艾鲁猫

one of the China’s first secret soldier, Luo Feng returns to the city, becoming the most successful student in Zijing middle school! there are so many school beauties, which one of them can get into his eyes?
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Love Your Enemies 4.9

Love Your Enemies

Chapter 2

23,000 Jan 26,20 Jeongyun

End of trouble, life reset! Bae Yeon Hee’s struggling campus romance!
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