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Sousei no Taiga 4.8

Sousei No Taiga

Vol.5 Chapter 42: King's Anger

2,960,055 Jan 29,20 Mori Kouji

A story of a young man who lacks a sense of reality after being dumped by his lover. He was visiting a seminar on cultural anthropology with his fellow classmates when he discoveres an ancient wall painting, which transports him to the past where mammoths dominated the world.Action
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Kurosagi 4.6


Vol.13 Chapter 132: Pet Trick (Middle Part)

1,241,205 Jan 29,20 Takeshi Natsuhara

White swindlers (shirosagi) are those that cheat people to take their money, red swindlers (akasagi) are those that swindle the opposite sex, and black swindlers (kurosagi) are those that cheat the white and red swindlers. After his family is swindled by white swindlers, Kurosaki sets out to avenge them by becoming a black swindler. -First set of chapters have been removed at Entropy's request
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Jubunnoichi no Hanayome 4.3

Jubunnoichi No Hanayome

Vol.1 Chapter 5

644,955 Jan 29,20 Yukino

Ryuunosuke is the heir to his father’s wealthy business that, due to a trauma, become a shut in. One day, his father took him back in order to prepare him to inherit the business. Ryuunosuke finds out that he is required to date 10 women candidates whom one of them will become his wife. Every woman has their own personal reason to be a candidate but one person will
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Switch Witch 4.2

Switch Witch

Vol.6 Chapter 46: Rabbit Eyes That Bloom Beautifully

718,605 Jan 29,20 Sayaka Mogi

It centers on a girl named Wakaba Himekawa, who is aware that she is growing up slower than other people, but otherwise lives a peaceful life. On the same day that she finally gets her first period, her childhood friend Takaya confesses that he loves her. While Wakaba had never felt that way for her friend before, she is still happy, if confused. As she is about to answer Takaya's confession,
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Winner Takes All 4.6

Winner Takes All

Chapter 68: Assault (Vi)

6,342,555 Jan 29,20 GK Workshop

Revenge~Sure is a sweet thing!
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Kindaichi 37-sai no Jikenbo 4.8

Kindaichi 37-Sai No Jikenbo

Vol.6 Chapter 46: Hotel Europa : The New Murders (File 7)

685,853 Jan 28,20 Amagi Seimaru

This is the sequel to the popular Kindaichi Case Files franchise, set 20 years after the original version! Hajime is no longer a student detective, but is a poor office worker who has to deal with the daily pains of adulthood. No longer wanting to solve cases anymore, he keeps his head down and tries to go about his daily work as quietly as possible. But crime never takes a break, and it isn
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GLEN 4.7


Chapter 15

368,001 Jan 28,20 ZIHO

Joseph lived an ordinary life and it all took a turn when he realized he was being stalked. First, his school, then his locker, his phone and eventually his home- every aspect of his life was infiltrated by his stalker. Joseph is at his wits' end when Glen, a stranger, steps into his life at just the right moment and offers him a helping hand.
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The Hunter 4.6

The Hunter

Chapter 65: Resentment

11,028,696 Jan 28,20 比格熊 Big Bear, 聂备 Nie Bei

Chen BeiMing was once a young and talented hunter of the Heavenly Alliance, until he got betrayed and murdered by The Five Lords. He gets resurrected into the past while having his memory intact and swears that he will get revenge on those who betrayed him. With the help of his battle sprite, he once ascends the road to become the strongest again...
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Shinyaku Marchen 4.4

Shinyaku Marchen

Chapter 36: Final

534,917 Jan 28,20 Sound Horizon

Torikai Yasuyuki's comic adaptation based on the fantasy band Sound Horizon's Prologue Maxi Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido and 7th Story CD Märchen. Fairy tale of light and darkness. Connecting and spinning, everything will be linked...
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Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu 4.5

Kouya Ni Kemono Doukokusu

Vol.7 Chapter 42: Typhoon

1,426,907 Jan 28,20 Yumemakura Baku

A boy, with a virus which unlocks the primal beast, desires forgotten memories. (Source: Izumo no Ryuu)
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The Duke of Death and his Black Maid 4.8

The Duke Of Death And His Black Maid

Vol.9 Chapter 115

6,128,380 Jan 28,20 Inoue Koharu

A Duke was cursed by a witch to kill everything he touches. Unable to handle this curse his parents send him to live in a far off manor. As his maid and childhood friend now teases him everyday, he wishes more than anything to rid himself of the curse.
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Beautiful England Series 4.7

Beautiful England Series

Chapter 3: Miss Claire's Partner

34,280 Jan 28,20 Akiko Hatsu

A series of short stories with an element of fantasy set in Victorian England and centering on Cornelius Everdeanne, a young, handsome heir to an earldom.
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Lockdown No Escape 4.1

Lockdown No Escape

Vol.1 Chapter 11

101,017 Jan 28,20 JkSManga

The Sound of the alarm triggering the lockdown is the last thing Sam can remember. Sam wakes up in the middle of his classroom to discover everyone around him is dead. With no memories of how he got there, Sam tries to figure at what could have happened, but Sam doesn't just have to worry about what killed his classmates, because even the survivors are after his
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Yamikin Ushijima-kun 4.4

Yamikin Ushijima-Kun

Vol.7 Chapter 69: Freeter-Kun 4

534,321 Jan 28,20 Manabe Shohei

In this manga, you will see how the black-market works, and how dangerous people could get if they borrow from loan sharks or black market traders.
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Venus Puts Fur on Me. 4.2

Venus Puts Fur On Me.

Vol.3 Chapter 34.5

706,056 Jan 28,20 Nan Nakamura

[It is not just "bullying."] Nakajima was ruling over the class as a "bully." The subject of bullying is a fragile girl, Shirasaki-san. Going as far as violence, every day was horrible. Everyone in the class pretends to not see it. If they stop, then they will be the next target. Nakajima performs "bullying" as if possessed. It was clear that something was wrong. Why
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Foul Smell 4.5

Foul Smell

Chapter 32: Puppy (5)

186,603 Jan 28,20 디귿 (digeut)

Starting from a few days ago, a rotten smell started to come from a lower floor apartment. A few days later my friend disappeared. The girl who lives in that apartment as well. Who's next....? This is the story of those that disappeared and those seeking to find them!
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Made in Abyss Anthology 4.8

Made In Abyss Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 11: Adventure Anecdote (By Hotate Yuuki)

137,234 Jan 28,20 Hinako Seta,Various Artists,Hidari Ogawa,Yuuki Hotate,Rinrin Yamano

The enormous cave system, known as the Abyss, is the last unexplored place in the world. Nobody knows how deep down goes this titanic pit, inhabited by strange and wondrous creatures and full of mysterious ancient relics which purpose in unknown to modern man. Generations of bold adventurers have been drawn by the cryptic depths of the Abyss. In the course of time, those brave enough to explore th
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Libidors 4.2


Vol.2 Chapter 18: The Signal Has Been Sent.

957,964 Jan 28,20 Masaki Kasahara

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Gamurakan 3.6


Vol.1 Chapter 7

50,829 Jan 28,20 Youji Fukuyama

Hired for an eviction of an apartment resident, lawyer Midorikawa visited a mysterious apartment. Since the visit, he has been haunted by these visions of "Angels," small naked girls who have faces that of a doll. These Angels freely teleport between TV, phone, and computer monitors and enter the human body. They feed off of the human spirit, what they call "nectar." Are these
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Red Thread Gods 4.4

Red Thread Gods

Chapter 9

82,070 Jan 27,20 Lee Reunbom

An owner of a wedding boutique <Honey Bouche>, Hong Nanyi. After breaking up with an old car she thought of marrying before, she later meets a Benz at someone else’s wedding. That’s when the three men appear. Three men who used to work as designers for underwear, bouquets, and shoes turned out to be gods. At night, they become Moonlight Reapers who binds people into marriage by a
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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo - Case Series 3.7

Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo - Case Series

Vol.3 Chapter 4: The Curse Of The White Haired Demon

6,488 Jan 27,20 Amagi Seimaru, Kanari Youzaburou

Sequel Series to Kindachi Shounen no Jikenbo - File Series. Serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine from 1998 to 2000. Consists of 7 cases divided into 10 volumes. Case 1: Murder in the Forest of the Demon Dog. Case 2: Demon Killer from Projection Screen. Case 3: Amakusa Treasure Legend Murder Case. Case 4: Yukikage Village Murder Case.
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Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori 4.5

Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori

Chapter 3.5: The Sdm Case Goes Under The Ground (Pt. Iii.2)

45,804 Jan 27,20 ZUN

The first official Touhou webcomic written by ZUN and drawn by newcomer Ginmokusei, featuring Satori Komeiji as the master armchair detective from the depths of the Earth. The first issue is currently free to read on the official Touhou web blog: https://touhougarakuta.com/comic/touhouchireikiden_1/
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Ghost Wife 4.6

Ghost Wife

Chapter 134

7,560,659 Jan 27,20 Saejung

Gisin, who appeared suddenly like a ghost, said something ridiculous like do you want to be my wife... Soon after, ghosts became visible to Eunah and started to chase after her wanting to eat her.
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Kubera 4.3


Chapter 428

2,279,141 Jan 27,20 Currygom

From The Company: Gods with everlasting lives. Sura who possess unrivaled power. And humans, caught helplessly in-between. When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue. Together they begin on a journey in search of answers and revenge. Meanwhile across the realms, a web of entwined fates is growing tighter. One by one the other play
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